About us

Jetzy was born in Mexico with a great mix of Cultures; from an American Father and Mexican Mother. She is an entrepreneur, with a degree in Science and a Masters in Psychology. She served her community for years empowering women with low self-esteem. She always had a deep desire to help others. For 10-years she worked for a company serving the Latin community in Arizona.

She put her career aside after becoming a mother, in order to dedicate time to her children. That did not put her entrepreneurial spirit to rest which awakened her love and passion for Jewelry. When she studied at the university, she sold silver Jewelry from Taxco, Mexico. Since then she understood and admired the power of jewelry and accessories in all women.

In 2015, with the support of her loving husband, Jetzy decided to launch her own business. Jetzy’s Jewelry is her company’s name, her dream made into reality, where unique and original pieces from all over the world are brought to women.

Jetzy’s Jewelry pieces are Inspired by women that want to look and feel good, with the purpose of having them know that with each step they take they feel confident about who they are.


 Jetzy Mann, Founder and Creator.


Our Mission:

To ensure women with the ability to feel beautiful and confident every day.

Our Vision:

To be the top industry leader in fine jewelry for women and meet all of their beauty needs in the United States and Mexico.